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I’m a cook, baker, workoutaholic and freelance writer. My life is all about my love of food, working out, living a healthy life, traveling, spending time with family and friends and getting the most out of every day.

About this Blog

My blog is about celebrating old family recipes and traditions, and creating new ones that I can pass on. It’s about mixing the simple with the complicated and the savory with the sweet. I have a lot of fun on here and I hope you do too reading along. Want to get in touch? Email me at and follow me on Instagram @heywhatsthedealio!

See where else I’ve been published: VinePair, PureWow, The Other Cape and Tasting Table.

Disclaimer: I’m not a registered nutritionist, dietitian or doctor. All of my recipes, advice and opinions come from experience and experimentation in the kitchen, and from reading and enjoying other blogs and books. If you have any serious questions about your health or well-being, please see a licensed medical professional. 



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  2. Rubin Bernhard

    Saw the great train trips. You forgot or just don’t know the narrow gauge, 13 hour trip between Lima and Cusco. The train goes to the top of the andes by zig-zaging its way up. The tracks seem to barely hang onto the side of the mountain, breathtaking.

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