The gluten free lifestyle seems to the the butt of a lot of jokes lately. You might think I’m being a little too sensitive, but when you constantly hear other people poking fun at something you live with everyday, it gets old very quickly.

I understand why many don’t take us seriously. There a lot of people that claim to be gluten free, but have no idea what they’re talking about, and make those who really need to eat gluten free seem less credible.

Instead of putting gluten and non-gluten against each other, why not appreciate what they have in common? One thing I’m thankful for about my time in New York so far is the friendship I’ve developed with fellow pastry chef and blogger Lindsay of Benny’s Baker. She’s all about the gluten and I’m all about the gluten free, but that doesn’t stop us from being pastry buddies in the kitchen. She uses all-purpose and cake flour, while I choose almond and brown rice flour. We experiment and test recipes together, and often collaborate on gluten free sweets.

Where we came from and where we are going might be different, but when it comes down to the basic ingredients of life (butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla and flour), we’re pretty much the same. She loves desserts – I love gluten free desserts. Life is sweet.

So there you have it, proof that gluten and non-gluten can be friends.

Below: gluten free and gluten apple upside-down cakes. Can you tell which is which?