A lot of changes have been happening lately – a lot of BIG changes. And even though they are all exciting changes and new opportunities, I can’t help but feel anxious.

Of course, anytime we are out of our comfort zone we are going to feel anxious; it is the nature of the beast. But when we let the feeling of anxiety completely consume us, we forget the reason why we were taking risks and making changes in the first place. So how do we conquer the feeling of anxiety; how do we take something so unsettling and make it all better again? The quick answer – we can’t. Overcoming these types of feelings takes time.

In addition to talking it through with my family and friends, my main outlet has been working out – specifically a combination of high-intensity training and yoga. I am by no means a yoga expert; I’m just your average student looking to get control of her life back. I’ve heard people say yoga is not for them because they can’t relax and shut their mind off. I use to be one of them. However, even when I have a million thoughts and doubts running through my mind, somehow yoga allows me to focus and let go of my anxiety. It’s all a progress – take it one day at a time.

Yoga is the combination of strengthening both the body and mind. Here are twelve poses to get you started.

Three Legged Downward Facing Dog


Upward Facing Dog


Chair Pose


Tree Pose


Lord of the Dance Pose


Extended Triangle Pose


Warrior II Pose


Reverse Warrior


Side Plank Pose


Tree in Side Plank Pose


Eagle Pose


Bridge Pose


All photography was taken by my amazing best friend Kathy.