I thank my parents for always encouraging my sister and I to try different types of food. Even when Kiara and I were really little, we would be tasting diverse types of cuisine and loving every minute of it. And nothing has really changed except for I’m the one usually in charge of choosing the restaurants these days. 🙂

Babu Ji – Located in NYC’s Alphabet City, Babu Ji serves mouthwatering Indian cuisine created by Chef Jessi Singh. The duck curry was OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing.


The Breslin – We certainly didn’t hold back when we dined at the Breslin last month: homemade coppa, steak and beet tartare, seafood sausage, lamb burger and homemade ice cream.


Delicatessen – I’ve been craving french fries for weeks and I finally chowed down on some at Delicatessen in Soho – and the Jalapeño Ginger Margarita is a must order. Sounds spicy, but it’s not overpowering!



Food Styling with Melina Hammer – Being a culinary student has it’s perks! I was lucky enough to volunteer for a food styling workshop at the International Culinary Center with Melina Hammer.


Last but not least, bring home was also a top pick of the month! It was so great to see my family and friends, and I cooked a nice birthday dinner for my Mom! XOXO