Our third week in level 2 focused on pastry: cakes, cremes, custards, ice cream, sorbet, tarts, meringue, souffles, mousses, crepes, doughs, pate a choux, and quiche. I was in my glory. Although I couldn’t taste many items since most of them called for AP flour or cake flour (not gluten free), I was happy to be baking again and am always happy to share my creations with those around me.

WARNING: Your mouth may water looking at what I’m about to show you. Do not read when you are hungry. 🙂

Building upon our creme lesson last week, we created a sherbet, a sorbet, and a variety of ice cream recipes. The basic recipe for ice cream is Creme Anglaise (milk, vanilla bean, egg yolks, sugar and pick of salt). Then you can add your flavoring such as chocolate or coffee.




Then we moved on to meringue. There are three different types of meringue: French, Swiss and Italian. Each is made a different way and can be used in a variety of recipes. Swiss meringue is pictured below. We made it, pipped it, then baked it.


Mousse and souffles were the following day’s lesson. I’m excited to try to make these gluten free; very little flour is used in the cheese and chocolate recipes (15 grams).


Chef Dom’s Cheese Souffle


Chef Dom’s Chocolate Souffle

Pate A Choux, Doughs, and Tarts were next. Tarts are such a great item because once you make your pastry dough, you can pretty much fill it with whatever you want – savory or sweet! We made an apple and pear tart as well as a bacon and cheese filled quiche. You might recall, I usually make my quiche with a sweet potato crust or rice crust (find the recipes here).




Then came CAKE: three-layer, rum soaked vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. Had some fun decorating!


On Friday, we focused on crepes, banana fritters, and finishing up our fruit tarts. The tarts were very interesting because we made the pastry dough the day before and had to turn it 6-8 times before using it. What that means is you take the dough out of the fridge every couple of hours and roll it out using a rolling pin, fold it into a square, then roll it out again. This is what gives the puff pastry its layers. Pretty cool huh?




I can’t believe we have one more week to go until our final! Until next week friends.