Last week was a wild ride; we were all over the food map! Organ meats to stuffings to eggs to our first day of pastry!

We first started with organ meats. While some people are either confused or disgusted by the name, others grew up eating liver, kidneys and sweetbreads prepared a variety of ways. I’m not a huge fan of organ meats, but I tried each one (yes, even the tongue) because it’s important as a chef to experiment with ingredients.

The Crispy Pan-Fried Sweetbreads were prepared similar to chicken cutlets. My Mom is Italian, so I grew up eating chicken cutlets for Sunday dinner. YUM! I was very comfortable cooking them, however I didn’t taste them since they were made with bread crumbs. But I can assure you, I ate all of the creamy goat cheese polenta we made for the side.


The most interesting dish of the day had to be the Lamb Tonge. We let them simmer for about 1.5 hours before removing them and peeling off the outer skin. We served them with a warm potato salad and ravigote vinaigrette which was delicious.


Next day, stuffing was our focus. I’m sure you are all familiar with these terms: stuffed chicken, vegetable stuffing, stuffed fish, fish stuffings, and the list goes on and on! We did a Paupiette De Volatile (Stuffed Escalope of Chicken) with Legumes Farcis (Stuffed Vegetables). Stuffing is a great way to utilize leftover vegetables and help elevate a dish.


EGGS can be simple and complicated at the same time. I love eggs many ways – scrambled, fried, poached, over easy, in an omelette, and on top of a pizza or burger. Full disclosure, I have never actually made a poached egg before. It seems difficult, but it’s really not! Chef taught us a few tricks, and it came out great!


And some of the traditional favorites: baked eggs with cream, scrambled eggs, an omelette, and stuffed eggs (make a great appetizer for a party!).




















Friday started our week of pastry, and I am so excited! This lesson was all about creme and custards. It’s amazing how deliciously simple the ingredients are: egg yolks, milk, sugar, vanilla bean. Recipes included Creme Anglaise (Vanilla Custard Sauce), Creme Patisserie (Pastry Cream), Bavarois A La Creme Anglaise (Bavarian Cream), and Creme Renversee (Creme Caramel).



As always, thanks for reading. Until next week fans!