This week was about salads, fish, and potatoes.

At the beginning of the week we studied food preservation and the best techniques for preserving certain types of food. Chef V demonstrated making gravlax (salmon) on Monday and we devoured it on Friday. It was absolutely delicious and goes nicely with a slice of bread (GF too).


Next, we focused on salads, vinegars and oils. The Macedonia De Legumes (cooked vegetable salad) was my favorite to make. It looked so colorful and sexy on the plate with a ring of bright green cucumber slices. Holding everything together was the mayo (HOMEMADE of course, we make it all from scratch) and the tomato fondue on top. I could put the tomato fondue on anything, it’s absolutely delicious.


Next day we traveled to the land of potatoes and learned various ways to enjoy one of the most popular vegetables in the US. Pommes Duchesse, Pommes Pont-Neuf, Pommes Puree, and Pommes Darphin. I got to show off my piping skills!


And on Thursday and Friday we learned how to break down our own fish. I’ve seen chefs do it numerous times on TV, but never thought I’d learn myself. Well, here I am, breaking down a fish. That fillet below is mine! It was baked in parchment paper, and topped with vegetable garniture of carrots, leaks and celery. The parchment paper kept the fish nice and moist, and it makes a dramatic entrance when you cut open the paper!



Last but certainly not least was fish fry-day. Chef V instructed me to use gluten free bread crumbs and brown rice flour to make Goujonettes De Limande Aux Deux Sauces. Did I mention I’m also learning a lot of French in school?



Until next week fans; have a fry-tastic week!