Stocks, sauces and soups! This is what my second week was all about. You’ll notice throughout level one, the lessons build upon each other. First we learned how to make stocks: white stocks (fond de volaille blanc), brown stocks (fond de veau brun), fish stock (fumet) and vegetable stock, then we used those stocks to make delicious sauces and soups!


Who loves eggs benedict out there? Well I learned how to make hollandaise this week! As well as the most amazing sauce that goes with your favorite steak, bearnaise sauce. These aren’t easy sauces to master, you have to make sure the eggs don’t overcook on the double boiler or you are going to have scrambled eggs. Mayo was another cold sauce we learned this week. I’m usually not a big “mayo fan,” but I do love what mayo turns into – tartar sauce and aioli – with french fries!


Split pea soup and farmer-style vegetable soup were on the menu for the day. For the farmer-style soup, the key is to let the vegetables sweat in the bacon before adding the vegetable stock. Also, you don’t want to rush the simmering process. Each ingredient should be given time to release flavor into the soup.



Until next week friends!