The story behind someone’s passion always amazes me. Sometimes when I’m standing in line at the coffee shop, driving in my car, or even going for a run, I ponder about the people around me and wonder what makes them who they are: what’s their story, where have they been, and where are they going?

There are very few people who do what they do just because they love it. There’s usually more factors involved of course, but I rarely hear people say they do something because they absolutely love it. That they couldn’t imagine waking up and not doing what they do everyday. What a feeling that must be. Luckily, I get to feel inspired with passion every time I work out.

With years of experience being a fitness instructor, coach and trainer, Lori Haverty knows exactly what her passion is. It’s to inspire and challenge those around her to be the best they can be; to help them prove to themselves that they are strong individuals and can accomplish anything they set out to achieve. To demonstrate to others that “strong is the new skinny,” and healthy is the new sexy (did I just make that up 🙂 ?).


And her passion and dedication to her friends (clients) translates to her team. All of the instructors are kick-ass motivators who want Tread to be the best part of your day. Our day to day is certainly different, but we all come to Ride As One at Tread. That’s what I think is so great about working out in general. People from all different backgrounds, education, careers, and lifestyles coming together to work towards one common goal.

Most of you reading this are already dedicated to Tread, so I don’t need to convince you how amazing this place is. However, some may not know the story behind Tread – I actually just learned about it a few weeks ago myself.


Today what is a large community of dedicated treaders, started out months ago as a bulleted list of ideas on a cocktail napkin. With a specific concept in mind, co-owners Lori and Tiffany Freitas started to build out Tread. They both wanted a place where their friends (clients) could workout and participate in personalized, small group training classes. From cycling to tabata to weights to boxing to kettle bells – Tread has a class for everyone. I even heard through the grapevine there’s more to come in 2016, but my lips are sealed.

Tread’s community also spreads beyond its walls to support local charities and businesses in Reading. With many charity rides and fundraisers, Lori and Tiffany are extremely generous with giving back to the community that gives back to them.

I’m sure going to miss this place when I move to NYC to attend culinary school in January. However, the reason for going is to follow my passion – guess Tread’s story is really rubbing off on me 🙂


All photos are courtesy of Tread.