Stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey, left overs….Thanksgiving is one of my favorite food holidays (Christmas Eve comes is close second because our family does the Feast of the Seven fishes). Here are the products that helped me get through a busy November.

Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Baking Mix: Bought this mix because I was in a pinch for time to make a dessert for our Friendsgiving. I jazzed it up by sprinkling white chocolate chips on top. My friends and I pretty much ate the whole thing – it was absolutely luscious. Great job Trader Joe’s.

Cup 4 Cup Gluten Free Flour BlendI tried using the Cup 4 Cup flour brand this month for some of my recipes, and I’m really impressed. I used this blend for my gingerbread whoopie pies and Italian drop cookies (recipes to come!)



Sick essentials – Yogi Tea, Cold Season and Zarbee’s Naturals: No one likes to get sick especially when it’s close to the holidays. Something was going around (isn’t something always going around haha) and I caught my first cold of the season. You know what I’m talking about – sore throat then head then nose then cough – that’s usually the pattern for me. I tried to get ahead of it, but sometimes you just need to let the cold run it’s course. I drank a lot of Yogi Cold Season tea and Zarbee’s Naturals, which made my cold just a little bit bearable. Another secret is I drank one Emergen-C at least every other day; I hope you all stay healthy this season!


New KIND Healthy Grain Bars: I’ve always been a fan of KIND bars, and these new grain bars did not disappoint. I grabbed a few boxes before I went on a work trip because it’s no always easy to find a gluten free snack on the go. TIP: these bars also make great ingredients for a pecan crust, pumpkin pie. I totally forgot to pick up enough pecans at the store, so grabbed these from my cabinets and incorporated them into my nut crust. The combination o oats and honey were the perfect binder. #whowouldhavethought