Who is excited for Halloween?!?!? NOT ME. Just kidding, kind of. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy a little Hocus Pocus on ABC Family, but I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween. I’m more a Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve fan because those holidays revolve around lots of food rather than candy.

Anyways, I’m posting a little early this month because I head to Nashville this weekend to visit a wonderful friend and I don’t want to have to worry about posting while I’m there because I’m going to be dancing and drinking. Yes. Cocktails for all. Plus, I know you all out there (probably a total of 15 at this point hehe) look forward to my recaps every month. So here it goes!

Flywheel Buckhead, GA: Travel for work this month took me down to hot Atlanta, GA. When you workout everyday, you get thrown off your routine when you travel. That’s why my colleague and I found a local spin studio to take a class at while we were down there. Flywheel in Buckhead was so much fun! And your first class is free, what a deal! It was such a deal that I felt like I needed to buy a shirt to give back to the wonderful instructor we had named Ryan. His class was heart pumping and fun, and I will definitely visit again if I’m ever in the area.

Caribou Coffee: I never thought that I could have so much love for a cold beverage, but Caribou Coffee is something special. Their locations are more in central U.S., so I was able to try this coffee when in Atlanta, and I wish I could have taken gallons of it home with me on the plane. Dear Mr. Caribou Coffee, you need to come to New England, specifically Boston. You will have many fans here trust me! 


Lobster Nachos: Yes those two words exist together and these can be found at the Industry Tavern in Buckhead, GA. These nachos were delicious; great choice and large enough for three people to share.


Meeting Virginia Willis: I had the pleasure of meeting Virginia Willis in Atlanta, GA. She was so welcoming and kind, and even chatted with me about my own passion for baking and cooking. What a dream it would be to work with Virginia some day!