We all have so much going on; even I’ll admit, sometimes it’s hard to make time to workout. I’ve been traveling a lot for work lately, so my regular workout routine has been completely thrown off, but I refuse to lose my focus. I could get frustrated, but instead, I decide to make a plan.

That’s my first piece of advice when it comes to finding time to workout, MAKE A PLAN. Pick the days and times that you can workout and stick to them. If you’re taking classes, signup for those classes a week at a time because you know that those times work for you and you won’t back out. I’m usually a morning girl, but for the days I need to be in the office early, I switch to the night classes.

My second piece of advice is to pick a class that is going to get you excited about working out. I recently did a country themed ride at Tread. YOU ALL KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC! Pair that with a great ride and we are good to go!


If you really don’t have time to take a class or go to the gym, do a quick workout at home or if you are traveling, in your hotel room. The Daily Burn has some great quick workouts, or even going on Pinterest and typing in “workouts at home.” Get your heart rate up with some burpees, squats, jumping jacks and pushups.

Working out with friends is always a good time. You encourage each other and the time goes by so fast. Recently on one of my work trips, my friend Emily and I hit up Flywheel Sports for a cycling class.

Sign up for a “multipurpose” class. AKA a class that is going to work your whole body. If you only have 30 minutes to workout, why not get a whole body workout? I already did a boxing class tonight TreadBox – wohoo! 30 minutes of heart pumping boxing, thanks Lori!

So what’s you plan for the week?