August was a very busy and exciting month. I clocked in and celebrated the big 25 with amazing family and friends. Words, quotes, lyrics – nothing can capture the amount of love I felt from my family and friends who made my birthday something to remember. But it’s not just during my birthday that I feel this love, I feel it all year round. It’s really a special feeling when you know you have great family and friends who have your back and will always be there for you.

Starbucks Rewards – Birthday Reward: I’ve been using my Starbucks app since it was available on the iPhone. I love it, so quick and easy to purchase coffee on the go. Bonus: for your birthday they give you a free drink. It’s the little things from brands that makes you so loyal to them. Thanks to my friends at Starbucks!


“Live the Life you Dream Of” – New Recipe Notebook: My sister gave me a new journal to jot down my recipes while experimenting in the kitchen. This also helped me knock another thing off my bucket list!

  • Keep a journal of my recipes rather than writing them on sticky notes


Gluten is my Bitch: This book was a birthday gift from my dear friends Libby and Noah, and it quickly made it to my top of my list. It’s real, it’s relatable, and it was pretty much explains my life before I started eating gluten free. It gives great advice and something that I suggest those who are thinking about going gluten free or for those who already live a gluten free lifestyle should read. That’s right, I’m giving your permission to read something other than my blog 🙂


Our trip to Iceland: My family and I go on some pretty amazing trips. I love that we get to explore new cultures, try new food, and take on some pretty awesome adventures. This is the time to travel and I’m already thinking about my next trip. You can read all about our travels here.

Check off the bucket list: Visit a different country 


Tom’s of Maine Natural Toothpaste: Picked this little nugget up at my local WholeFoods. It’s really cool how the company will call our each ingredient that’s in its products and tell you what it’s doing there.