Over the past year, Iceland has become the hot spot for vacations; for families, solo travelers, couples, and just friends who want to explore a new place. I love getting back from a new location that most people haven’t been to, because you get to share all of your favorite parts and recommendations with them.

We went during the August timeframe, so the weather was just perfect. Once you get over the rain – sometimes it downpours, most times just a drizzle – you realize that the weather changes about every 20 minutes. #1 piece of advice, bring a raincoat, but I’ll get to what to pack in a different post.

Quick trip facts:

  • Hotel – Foss Hotel (opened June 2015)
  • Airline – Icelandair
  • Favorite restaurants – Kjallarinn Kitchen Bar (The Cellar), Eldor for dessert, and Baejarins Beztu Pylsur for amazing hot dogs
  • Drink of choice – house red wine or Somersby Cider
  • Wildlife – there are sheep and horses everywhere; the sheep even climb to the top of the mountains so you have no excuse 🙂

Day 1: The Golden Circle

If this is your first time to Iceland, you will most likely visit all the tourist spots. The Golden Circle is a route in Southern Iceland, covering about 300 km looping from Reykjavík into central Iceland and back. 

Horse Farms


Kerid Crater Lake


Gullfoss Waterfall



Strokkur Geysir


Thingvellir National Park


Day 2: Free Day, Rent a Car and Explore

Stykkishólmur – where Walter Mitty movie was filmed


Snæfellsjökull – volcano in National Park



Day 3: Glacier Walking

This was my favorite thing about Iceland (other than finding the gluten free crepe of course), and I recommend it for everyone. When else are you going to have the opportunity to walk on a glacier? Probably not anytime soon, so definitely sign up for this tour. You are taken out in a small group (roughly 8-9 people) with a tour guide. You get all the equipment like the clamps given to you. All set to go.






Seljalandsfoss – waterfall you can walk behind


Day 4: The Blue Lagoon

Last but not least, is the Blue Lagoon. Did I mention there is a “poolside” bar? Champaign for everyone! 


….and there’s many more pictures where this trip came from! Have a question? Don’t hesitate to reach out!