WOW! I can’t believe that it is already the end of July – summer please don’t go by too fast, I really enjoy our time together…and this kick ass tan. 

Dee Dee’s Top Picks: July 2015

Larabar: I can’t stop eating these darn good bars. I love that they have either 5 or less ingredients (all that I can pronounce) in each bar, and are easy to grab on the go. I mean just look at this list of flavors: Cashew Cookie, Coconut Chocolate Chip, Apple Pie, Banana Bread, Carrot Cake, and the list goes on and on! It’s really nice when you feel good about what you are eating. Bought a whole box off Thrive Market, yup!


Fat Daddios Baking Pans: I recently upgraded some of my bakeware and cake pans, and this product was a great choice. I have never used Fat Daddios before, but there were some great reviews, so thought I’d give it a shot. So far, so good, made the below engagement cake with them! CAKE FOR DAYS.



Cappellos Gluten Free and Grain Free Pasta – Usually I don’t crave pasta, but I have been wanting to try this brand since I started following their journey. So I picked up a package of gnocchi while I was at Wegmans the other day. The gnocchi cooked in a matter of minutes and I topped it with my homemade Avocado and Basil Pesto. Just like regular pasta, the gnocchi is heavy, so I only had a small portion. I can’t wait to try their cookie dough someday – it’s just calling out for me to make ice cream sandwiches!


Justin’s Classic Almond Butter: The individual packets from Justin’s are definitely one of their best products. They not only help with portion control, but are easy to grab on the go. Don’t be deceived by that little packet, there is a good portion in each one; I had enough to eat with a whole apple, and this is coming from a girl who usually spoon feeds herself almond butter out of the jar. YUM!


Gifford’s Ice Cream- Campfire S’mores: You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Gifford’s Campfire S’mores ice cream – it is honestly one of the best ice creams I’ve ever had, and it’s gluten free! The company is located in Skowhegan, Maine. Check out all of their other flavors here.


Lastly, this isn’t really a top pick, but I have to compliment Thrive Market on their new packaging. Received my box the other day, and love the improvements they made!