I’m sure a few of you out there will take one look at this title and say “wwwhhatttt that’s crazy! I could never get up that early.” I use to be one of those people. I use to only workout after work, I use to hit snooze in the morning even though I had good intentions, and I use to make excuses on why I couldn’t wake up in the morning to workout because I was up late the night before. I’m not saying that waking up at 5:15am is easy, but I can tell you, it can be worth it.

People say they are going to workout after work – well the work day goes by, you get pulled into a project or you are just too tired to go – and before you know it, another day has gone by and you didn’t workout.

The first couple of weeks are going to be tough. When you go to bed and set your alarm for 5:15am the next day, your mind starts racing, “I should be falling asleep now…why am I not falling asleep….I’m going have to wake up in 6 hours…” Totally normal, and usually how most of my Sunday nights are these days. But over time, just like ridding a bike…(maybe stretching that metaphor a little)…you get use to the 5:15am wake up call, and your body begins to adjust. Nowadays, going to the gym after work is a struggle for me.

Here are some incentives for working out in the morning according to Dee:

  • You sleep better at night
  • Get to switch up your routine
  • Your day starts out on a positive note
  • You feel a sense of accomplishment before 9:00am
  • You get your workout done and over with
  • You miss the crowds
  • You make better food choices throughout the day
  • A clear mind
  • Motivation to carry on with your day
  • You’re less likely to waste time at the gym because if you are like me, you have just about an hour to workout before you have to head home and get ready for work
  • You are hungry earlier in the day and will actually eat breakfast instead of skipping it
  • You can play your music loud at the gym and sing along because no one’s even there (ehh maybe that’s just me)


If you read this post and still think I’m crazy – well, I thank you for reading! For the rest of you, set that alarm.