Bucket lists can take many forms. They can be short or long, detailed or vague, for a certain period of time or ongoing, serious or not so serious; lead up to a specific event, built with someone else in mind, built with a specific goal in mind, something you’ve already done, etc. Whatever may be on your bucket list, I hope that you are able to cross each bullet off the list.

Here is my bucket list I’ve pulled together for the summer.

Dee’s 2015 Summer Bucket List

  • Kayak in a place I’ve never been before- July 12, Nahant beach 
  • Not have every weekend planned, but rather wake up and go with the flow (this is going to be hard for me) – August 1
  • Attend yoga class every Tuesday morning – every Tuesday
  • Hike two more “tallest peaks” in two New England states. My Dad and I have already done MA and VT – CT, RI or NH is up next.
  • Spend at least a few nights in Boston’s seaport area hanging with friends – July 25
  • Go to another local winery in New England with friends
  • Go to the beach when it opens at 8:00am and stay until the sun goes down – July 12, Nahant beach
  • Attend a workout class I’ve never taken before – attended a new cycling class, August 28
  • Catch up with a long lost friend (not sure who this is yet!)
  • Visit a local farm to pick my own fresh fruits or vegetables
  • Attend a concert out of state
  • Do a road trip…just for fun!
  • Visit a different country – trip to Iceland
  • Date someone who isn’t my “type”
  • Keep a journal of my recipes rather than writing them on sticky notes – done, month of August! 
  • Read a book cover to cover that I wouldn’t usually consider reading

Whatever activities are to come this summer, I’ll be ready with my “Ready For Action” bag. I’m so thankful to have received an exclusive sample from Whole Foods Market at MarketStreet Lynnfield. Made with active shoppers in mind, this bag is filled with amazing supplements, protein powders, superfoods, sunscreens, etc. I’m particularly exited about the two below in green.

  • Toms of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant
  • Aubrey Pure Aloe Vera
  • Boiron Arnicare Gel
  • Amazing Grass Amazing Meal, Vanilla Chai
  • Goddess Garden Organics Natural Sunscreen SPF 30, Everyday or Kids 
  • Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw Organic Green Super Food, Real Raw Chocolate Cacao
  • Nuun Active Natural Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs, Lemon + Lime (10 tabs)
  • Spectrum Essentials Seed Blends – Orchard Fruit, Savory, Tropical Fruit, or Warrior Vitality

The Ready for Action bags are an exclusive item that will be on sale Saturday, June 27 starting at 10am for two days only – so don’t miss out!

What’s on your bucket list this summer? IMG_5972Discourse: A friendly gal at Whole Foods Market at MarketStreet Lynnfield provided me with these products.