A girl’s trip isn’t the same without a trip to the local winery, so my friends and I found ourselves at the First Crush Winery in Harwich, MA. Located in an industrial area, it doesn’t look like much from the outside, but inside it’s a quaint little winery.

We reserved a private tour and tasting with the owner Frank D. Puzio. I think the most impressive fact of the tour was to hear that all of the grapes come from California. That’s right, they are shipped to little Cape Cod at 34 degrees. Their growers, the Lanza family, maintain 225 acres of vineyards within walking distance to Napa Valley on the southeast.


We got to sample a variety of wines – visZINary (Zinfandel), Star Spangled (Sauvignon Blanc), and Fusion (Cabernet Sauvignon). Although I’m a huge fan of Cabernet, I did enjoy the Star Spangled and visZINary. PS: how cute are these wine names? There is even a story behind the name of the winery.

“The name First Crush is a play-on-words depicting the realities of making wine, along with the social enjoyment experienced consuming wine. The first step in making wine is a process called “the crush” that strips the grapes from their stems to yield only berries and juice in preparation for fermentation. In addition, when the nectar of the God’s is enjoyed, it is typically in the presence of friends, family and/or with a person in your life that elicits a meaningful crush. And so, we are First Crush Winery!”

My friends and I were also really impressed to hear the multiple steps and time they take to make the perfect bottle of wine. They believe that every bottle should be their best and that it’s important to make a delicious glass of wine their customers will enjoy with their family and friends.

Private wine tour is $15 and I bought two bottles of Cabernet – $20 each. 

Next time you are down the Cape Cod, swing by the First Crush Winery for a tour and tasting.