I recently had the opportunity to attend another party where I learned about a safe skin care and make up line called Beauty Counter. I hadn’t heard about the brand before, but the company has been around for about 3 years, and is quickly gaining traction in the media. If you have a few minutes before or after reading this post, I suggest you check out the company’s mission. Extremely impressive, extremely moving, and extremely eye opening.

If you remember from a post I wrote last month, “Read the ingredients in your personal care products,” I encouraged you to go home and take a look at the ingredients that are in the products you use every day. Did you?

The products you use on your face, in your hair, on your hands, on your body, under your arms, even on your lips and teeth. How many ingredients on there do you recognize or don’t recognize? Are there random words on there like some type of animal fat or formaldehyde that you don’t understand? Education, education, education. We all must educate ourselves on what is safe to ingest and put on our bodies, and luckily, the Beauty Counter has done the work for us.

Beauty Counter Products

What impressed me most about this company was they will go to every length to make sure that they select the cleanest and safest ingredients, and that their products are produced and sold in an environmentally friendly way. Now, certainly this has to be expensive for the company – finding labs, testing and retesting products – so this demonstrates to me how serious this company is about providing better products for you and I.

I’m sure some of you sitting there are saying, “one little 1/166th of a chemical won’t affect my body,” but lets break it down. You use that face cream every day (365 days) for 10 years – that’s 3650 times that chemical is being applied to your face. Get what I’m saying?

My favorite product of the night was the Glow Sugar Scrub – it has brown sugar right in there!

Shout out to Lori, who was our consultant and fabulous speaker for the night! She was energetic, well versed in the brand and products, and very helpful when it came to finding the right product for your skin. If you want to make a purchase or contact Lori to set up your own party, click the link here. The party was absolutely wonderful.

Beauty Counter Products