Remember a few posts ago when I talked about going out and trying new experiences? Well this is a perfect example; give me an activity that involves wine and I’m there.

Me and a good friend of mine went to the Wine Riot in Boston this weekend where we got to sample a variety of wines from all over the world. With everyone working and/or in school these days, it’s hard to see each other on a regular basis. But my friend Becca and I have made a pack that we will plan at least one dinner, activity, adventure, etc. once a month. It means a lot that even though we might not see each other for 3 weeks or so, when we finally meet up, we pick up right where we left off. We’ve all got things going on, and guess what, there is always going to be something that “comes up” or you “don’t feel like doing,” but friendship to me is critical. It’s what keeps me feeling happy and sane.


Welcome to the Wine Riot where you can “sample” aka “drink about a few glasses” of wine throughout the night. I’m a red drinker – no surprise there – so at most of the tables, we gravitated towards the Cab and Malbec. Red blends are something I’ve been enjoying lately too – that’s when they blend different reds like Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, etc. into one finished product. I’ve made a few “blends” at home before when I’ve had two bottles of red opened and I just poured them into a decanter. There you have it, a blend.


It was nice to be able to casually walk around and not feel pressured to rush from table to table. There was a nice mix of different types of wine, but Napa Valley wineries are my favorite.

At one point we tasted Farmer’s Fizz, a “Prosecco style” sparkling wine from Westport Rivers Winery in Westport, MA and it was delicious! I’d definitely buy that the next time I see it in stores.


90+ Cellars was also there. Now this wine isn’t the most expensive, but it’s really good. Another good friend of mine recommended it to me! (Missed you Molls!)


Last and certainley not least, I ran into my former assistant admissions director and friend from Suffolk University! Again, it’s great when you haven’t seen someone for a few years, but are able to easily catch up and be excited to see what the other person is up to.


I think Becca and I already have the next Wine Riot event on our calendars. Next time we are going to volunteer, so we’ll be able to get a free ticket for the next day! Cheers friends, and remember, it’s all about the wine and having a good time with those who make you happy.