Sundays are for taking yoga classes and drinking citrus spritzers with your friends – and this was exactly what I needed after a crazy week last week. 

On Sunday, my friends and I took a wonderful yoga class provided by Pause Yoga and enjoyed brunch at No. 8 Kitchen in Amesbury, MA. The package was if you stayed for a 60 minute yoga class, you got a free mimosa and 10% off your brunch bill. Two things I love – detoxing and then retoxing (quote from our instructor!).

IMG_5647 IMG_5648

This is a perfect example of when two local businesses collaborate, they can plan a really successful and delightful event. Nowadays, everyone is looking for an “experience” with their family and friends. In addition to doing the regular workout classes, going out to eat, cocktails with friends at the bar – they want to feel like they are getting a fulfilling experience – or at least I do!

Back to the class: I’ve taken a yoga class here and there before, but recently I’ve been really into it. Although I have to make a few modifications with my shoulder, I’m still able to participate for most of the class. It’s the perfect time to let go of what’s on your mind, and just focus on yourself. It’s not easy to do, even when I go to bed lately, I can’t seem to shut off my mind: what do I have to do tomorrow, did I do everything I was suppose to do yesterday, did I pack everything I need for tomorrow, etc. My brain keeps pumping while I’m sleeping, so when I go to wake up in the morning to workout, I’m tired.

Photo Courtesy of Pause Yoga

Photo Courtesy of Pause Yoga

So, how do we overcome that my friends? Most people would say to cut back and not “do” so much, but for those who know me, I like to be busy. I either always have plans or am looking to get out and get moving. It’s just in my blood. Maybe it’s taking 10-20 minutes every night before bed and decompressing through yoga or meditation, or maybe it’s not looking at my phone right before I go to bed. I’m open to trying different ideas, so if you have to share, please leave it below!

OH and then I came back and sunbathed with Shelby. Not a care in the world.