It is such a cool feeling when you are finally able to meet and talk to a person that has helped make your life better….even if you are only meeting them for the first time! For me that’s Danielle Walker, blogger and author of the book series, Against All Grain.

I started reading Danielle’s blog back in 2013 when I first started to feel sick. This is when I also was exploring the paleo diet through my gym and wanted to learn more about how I could make recipes that were very “clean,” but still tasted amazing. After scrolling through her blog for about a year, I decided to purchase her first book,  Against All Grain: Delectable Paleo Recipes to Eat Well & Feel Great.

Her recipes changed the way I look at food. I’ll admit, when I was first diagnosed with celiac, I thought I was going to be totally fine. I was ready to start feeling better and knew what I had to do to get there. For the first three months I felt amazing, I wasn’t feeling the crappy symptoms I was before, and I didn’t feel as bloated. I thought, “this must be it, I’m going to continue to feel great.” But you never really realize how much a change like this takes on your mind. Although my body felt great, my mind was constantly thinking about “I wish I could just grab something easy for lunch with my friends, ugh I wish it was easier to find food out, I have to make sure to bring something with me to the party otherwise I’ll have nothing to eat, where are all the restaurants with the gluten free menu, will my server really understand what gluten free means and take it as seriously as me?…….and the thoughts go on and on. I started getting upset with myself and not wanting to go out. It was awful, and no one should ever have to feel this way.

Danielle’s blog, first book, and now second book, Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple, have really helped me overcome some of these challenges. Sometimes going out can be difficult, but when I’m cooking in the kitchen at home, I feel confident..I feel myself. And that’s something that I haven’t really felt in a while.


My two friends and I attended Danielle’s book signing and it was really great to hear her story. She then opened it up for a Q&A which is great because a lot of times other fans have questions that could be relevant to everyone. One question I could answer was none of her recipes taste like cardboard…everyone in the room who uses and eats her recipes can attest to that my friend who asked that question..

My friends and I also learned when she was signing our books that she takes all of her own photos for the blog and books – she taught herself! Her photography is simply beautiful – gives me hope that I’ll be able to do this someday.


Meeting Danielle Walker

Thanks for making Boston one of your stops on your tour Danielle. All of your fans throughout New England really appreciate it!