If there’s one thing I’ve realized over the past year, it’s how important it is to spend time with those that make you happy. Life seems to be going by so fast lately – working during the week, and trying to make the most out of the weekend. But there is one thing that never gets old, and that’s having a wine, laughter, and cheese filled afternoon with your best friends.

And what better way to spend a slightly rainy afternoon than at a local winery. We signed up for a tour at the Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton, MA. I’ve been on a few wines tours before, but am always interested in hearing how each winery makes their signature wines and liquors. We were led to about 4 different rooms where we tasted and heard about the wine making process. In addition to tasting the wine, they give you a wine glass you can keep.

I am a big wine drinker – I’m the geek that even likes to match it to the type of food I’m going to eat – and I’m always a sucker for a great cabernet sauvignon. Now and again I’ll go for a merlot, or even jump to a glass of white, but the cab is what I’ll always be loyal to.


When the tour was done, we noticed it was starting to clear up, and decided to take our “tasting” outside. If you purchase a bottle there, they will open it for you (or if you’re like me, you carry a wine opener with you at all times) and you can enjoy a drink on the grounds – which are beautiful by the way! Picnic areas are very welcoming to all, even dogs!


In addition to wine inside, they have cheese, crackers, jams, etc, that you can purchase and eat outside! What is sipping wine without a little cheese?



We all really enjoyed ourselves – highly recommend this as an activity to do with friends!

Enjoy fans and remember to always make time for those that make you happy.