I recently had the opportunity to join a few friends out to dinner to celebrate my lovely sister’s birthday! (Thanks Dee Dee xo)

We went to a well known place in Andover, MA called Yella Grille – a modern Mediterranean style restaurant. This was mine and my sister’s first time and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that they had a gluten free friendly menu. It makes it so much easier when I don’t have to ask 50 different questions: I know there are certain things I can’t eat and that’s fine, but it’s easier when it says it right on the menu. Also, it’s not that I can’t eat at restaurants that don’t have gluten free menus, but imagine yourself in a situation where you have to ask about everything.

We started off with their delicious seasonal sangria – amazing blends of spices and delicious wine. Give me wine and I’m always happy!

We got the grilled octopus to start and the kitchen was so nice to put it on a slice of lettuce for me! If you’ve never had grilled octopus, you are missing out. It is absolutely amazing.


For dinner, I got the mussels because they were literally staring me straight in the face! So good – wish I had some bread to soak them up with, but I did order a side of the risotto and dumped that into the broth!


Great local spot with out of the box food and attentive service. Must, must try!!