2.5 hour drive later from Dublin and the Mooneys arrived in Galway. The town is a little smaller than Dublin, but we were excited to explore the country side. During our two day stay, we went on a few day trips – traveling through little villages and towns and up and down the mountain sides!


Ahh yes food. Galway is known for its seafood and I have to say, my stomach was quite happy. Also, many of the restaurants had gluten free options or were at least aware of celiac. I did not go hungry on this trip!

I love you Boston, you know I do, but I had some of the most delicious seafood chowder in Doolin. And yes, it was filled with lots of seafood…salmon, prawns, white fish and mussels.



Let me see your mussels…



During our first full day, we drove about an hour along the coast to the beautiful Cliffs of Moher. Absolutely breathtaking and a must take trip. Green stretches beyond what your eyes can see and the wind is constantly blowing your hair around 🙂 – such a refreshing breeze.





While we were in Doolin, which is just along the coast, we got ourselves some Irish sweaters!


The next day, we headed north towards Cong. Dad found that one of his distant cousins lived in the area, and we were going to stop by for a quick visit! They have a lovely home and invited us in for coffee.

Aww and their dogs, well Kiara and I wanted to take them home 🙂


It was so nice to see how happy my Dad was to connect with his family – I think it made his day 🙂


We then swung by the castle in the village, which is actually a hotel. Elegant, elegant, elegant. The pictures tell the true beauty of the grounds.



Well, that’s it for Galway folks. Remember, life’s too short not to make time for good food, good wine, family, friends and great adventures.