Mooney Family Does Ireland: Dublin

The great thing about traveling in Europe is once you’re there, it’s really easy to get around. Within one hour, we touched down in Dublin. Home to some of the best beer, whiskey, bars, music, and colleges in the world.


Good, hearty food is what you’ll find in Dublin. I was very impressed with the restaurants, bars and cafes in town.

I found my new favorite drink in Ireland, and no it isn’t Jameson or Guinness. It’s called the summer breeze and it was served at Fallon & Bryne a cute restaurant that is above a supermarket. But this wasn’t any regular supermarket, it was one of the most beautiful supermarkets, filled with fresh meats, fish, cheese, everything looked so delicious! Anyways, back to the drink 🙂 It was tequila, white wine and muddled kumquats. It also came with basil, but I chose to have it without.

Here are a few things my family and I ordered:





Two things we also enjoyed: whiskey and coffee. Cheers!


For dinner one night, we went to a restaurant called Rustic Stone, where you order what meat or fish you want and they bring it almost completely raw to your table on a very, very hot stone and you cook it to your liking at the table. Oh and truffle fries. Yes, I had fries at almost every meal.



I think I’m going to have cappuccino withdrawals back in the states!


We tried this one restaurant called The Lord Edward – I can probably say this is one of the most old-fashioned restaurant in Dublin, but served some of the most amazing seafood I’ve ever had. It was brought to the table in the pan it was cooked in! Oh and we made a friend there too 🙂



When in Dublin, you must visit the Jameson distillery and Guinness factory. I was very impressed with the Jameson distillery and enjoyed a nice Jameson and Ginger.



To take in the local history, we toured Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells!



Well, that’s it for Dublin folks. Remember, life’s too short not to make time for good food, good wine, family, friends and great adventures.

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  1. There’s nothing like Dublin in the weitnr, it’s as cold as Oslo but not as beautiful due to the lack of snow, but it is the pure freezingness of it all and the frost all over the roads and footpaths of the city that make it so picturesque in the most non-conventional way. in every building you look, the windows are fogged over with the heat of people inside. I mean even though the taxi drivers and cheap restaurant owners aren’t as friendly as they are in July and the traffic is worse than ever with all the country folk coming up shopping for Christmas, there is a very unique kind of romanticism attached to this amazing little city in weitnr and it’s coming into heavy jacket season now, and the lights are going up all over the city and it looks nothing like the amazingness of Paris or London or Brussels and their magnificent Christmas lights, and the Christmas Tree on O’Connell Street looks like the typical bad attempt at modern sculpture Dublin City Council seem to spring for, but it’s just so stunning in it’s own special, warming way. In fact, warming is exactly what it is, the city in Winter just invites people to come together and brace the icy winds and come through the bad roads, passing the vivid patchwork of fairy lights on the way, only to meet up with friends and family to make memories that live on well after the thawing of Spring.

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