Why I’m doing paleo (insert your remark here)

So some of you may have heard that I’m participating in a paleo challenge for the next month – insert your eye roll here. Before you judge me and my fellow paleoers (is that a word?) let me tell you why I’m actually doing it.

I think the paleo eating plan has gotten a bad reputation. There are so many negative articles out there, making fun of it and saying it doesn’t work. Well I’m here to share my perspective on it.

Notice I don’t refer to it as the paleo diet – ugh that word diet annoys me. Diets don’t work forever – yes they can be a good way to kick start your metabolism and such, but no one can be on a diet the rest of their life. That’s why I prefer to refer to it as a challenge. Just how I like to keep my mind guessing and challenged on a daily basis, I like to do the same with my body. In addition to CrossFit, I like to run, hike, and take the dog for a walk – always keep my body guessing.

Another reason I’m doing the paleo challenge (and the most important) is because in addition to eating gluten free, I want to continue to feel good. For me these days it’s not just about being skinny or losing weight, instead it’s about how I feel overall. Don’t you think I want to go out with my friends and family? Obviously yes, and by putting good food into my body, I feel great and energized to do more. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good burger, fries, fried calamari (GF), ice cream, and glass of wine (or maybe 3?) but I keep my eating balanced.

Are you sick of waking up feeling sick and bloated? Maybe it’s time for a change.

Paleo recipes to come my friends, but until then, stay positive, stay active and take care of yourself :).

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  1. I’m balancing my hormones and alleviating a food allergy.

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