What’s for Dinner? Lamb (Greek style)

Do you have a love hate relationship with dinner? Don’t laugh, I’m serious – how many times can you eat the same dinner over and over? Well if you are looking for new, different ideas, I have the perfect suggestion.

Change up dinner tonight and treat yourself to some grilled Lamb. Don’t let that word scare you – the lamb can also be substituted with other meat as well, maybe steak or chicken.

I marinated the lamb on the bone the night before. Marinade included 3 cloves of garlic, olive oil and Greek seasoning. Let sit in a plastic bag overnight, and make sure you flip the bag every once in a while to make sure the marinade coats all the meat.

This is best cooked on the grill…can’t even tell you how amazing it smelled once it hit the grill. The meat should cook on the grill for about 15-20 minutes. Make sure to turn it every 3-5 minutes so it cooks all the way through and doesn’t burn. Next here’s a tip: finish it in the oven on 400 degrees for 3-5 more minutes to keep that great sear and cook it all the way through.


Make a three ingredient side sauce: Mayo (2.5 tablespoons), squeeze of half a lemon, 3 teaspoons dill, and whisk it all together.


Enjoy your Tuesday!

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  1. I can’t eat the same dinner 2 nights in a row. But I love leftovers for lunch the next day. Is that double standards?

    This lamb looks perfectly cooked. We get great lamb here in New Zealand, but unfortunately, it’s too expensive for most of us. I hear that New Zealanad lamb can be bought cheaper in other countries. Which is good for others, a shame for us.

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