Okay so maybe the word warrior is a little much 🙂 but I can’t explain to you how proud I am of my family. Each and everyone one of us in this household is on a great path to a healthy lifestyle and it is really making a difference. Ever since I was a little kid, my Mom always had healthy food in the house, but now we are taking it a step further. By eating well balanced meals and working out, we feel good, physically and mentally. I promise you, the smart decisions we make for our body now will benefit us later on in life.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all still love to enjoy ourselves and eat delicious meals (and drink wine 🙂 ), but that’s why I say we are on a path to a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about balance my friends, so go ahead have a great Sunday dinner with your family. The more you deprive yourself, the more likely you are to binge. A big part of a healthy lifestyle is portion control, so just keep that in mind.

First is my sister Kiara. My sister is the type of person that if she really really wants to do something, she’ll give it her 100% commitment, and this girl has done it. For the past couple of months, Kiara has modified her eating, started working out again and really taken her health into your own hands. And guess what? She’s lost 25 pounds and looks fantastic. Was it easy no? Nothing in life is easy, but when you see results, you realize how worth it is.


Then we have my Dad. This man has the mind set to conquer anything. Not only has he been climbing mountains like Mount Mansfield and Greylock with me, but he also has taken a new approach with his diet. When he’s not taking the dog for a hike, he’s snowshoeing in the backyard or he’s working out on the treadmill downstairs. My Dad always jokes about his age, but I’m continued to be amazed by him and am looking forward to completing a couple more mountains this year. Killing it Padre!


Lastly, we have my lovely mother. My sister and my mom have a similar mentality; if they truly want to accomplish something, they’ll give it all they’ve got. And since the start of the new year, my Mom had kicked her fitness routine into high gear. Every week she’s pushing herself on the treadmill as well as completing circuit routines like squats and abs. Keep it going Mom!


In conclusion, do what works best for you, when it comes to eating and working out. Some types of workouts aren’t for everyone, and please, when I hear the word diet I cringe, because to me it’s more important to live a healthy and balanced life and enjoy myself. Hope you enjoy this bit of inspiration on this rainy Saturday afternoon!