Today my body was telling me to stay in my warm bed, but my mind was telling me to get up and get outside! Even though it was cold, it was a beautiful, sunny day outside. This also gave me the opportunity to try out my new pants from Lululemon, the Speed Tight* Tech. Usually my leggings and pants aren’t thick enough to withstand the cold, but these pants are lined with soft Tech Fleece, keeping me warm throughout the hike. If you like to run or walk outside during the colder months, I greatly recommended these pants. Plus they have cute pockets on the size for you to keep your keys, iPod, etc.


How hot are those socks? Haha 🙂

My Dad and I took the dog to one of our favorite places today. What’s great about this place is you can make it as short or long as you want by adding in a few back trails. Also, there’s a hill at the end that makes for an awesome ending.

So although you might be running towards the gym the next couple of months, don’t forget you can also get a great workout outside, just bundle up!