Christmas Eve day started out with a little prep around the house. We were having company that night, so I was helping my Mom get a few things ready. Before guests could arrive, I had to make a visit to the gym: CrossFit Ares. Nothing like a good sweat before you indulge in deliciousness πŸ™‚ it was the perfect Christmas Eve workout too, we finished with “Annie” which consisted of timed jump ropes and sit ups.

Guests were set to arrive around 5:30p.m. This was the fourth year of the Feast of Seven Fishes tradition. Although it is typically an Italian tradition, anyone can host with their families.


So what was on the menu you ask? Are you ready for this? Stuffed shrimp, stuffed scallops, scallops wrapped in bacon, fish chowder, baked salmon, fried calamari, shrimp cocktail, muscles in red sauce, brussel sprouts, a cheese plate, lasagna, baked potatoes, baccala salad, pasta with anchovies, dozens of different types of cookies, chocolate pudding pie, trifle, and a Boston cream pie. Yup – we definitely do it right and make sure there’s something for everyone. Even myself, I had a few gluten free options I could have. That’s one thing that I love about my Mom, she always accommodates everyone and makes sure everyone is included and accounted for. No one goes home hungry.


It was a wonderful night and I loved being able to spend it with my family.


8 hours later…Santa came!

I’ve been telling my Mom for the past couple of years, she doesn’t need to spend so much on my sister and I. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great waking up and opening presents with my family, but the materials things don’t mean as much to me as the experiences we have together. For example, this year I got my Mom and I tickets to see Lady Antebellum, going to be a great night :).

However, there was one thing that Santa did bring this year that I was very excited about. Workout clothes to keep my butt in shape πŸ™‚


Before heading to my Aunt’s later in the day, my Dad and I took the dog out for a 4 mile walk. Perfect way to end the morning! Oh and the turkey bacon made for a perfect morning too. Yum!


Merry Christmas everyone.