Every year my Dad and I head outside the first weekend in December to hang up the Christmas lights. The traditional white lights make our house look beautiful and feel like the holiday season. We make a great team – while Dad is up on the ladder, I’m right beneath him handing him the lights.


While we were hanging the lights this year, I was reminded of something important. No matter what challenges my family or I face as individuals, there is nothing we can’t overcome together. Sometimes we may not be appreciated at work or with friends, but we always appreciate what we do for each other in this family. Although I might not say it all the time, the little things we do for each other are what make us so tight. Even though we might not agree on everything, we know when it’s the right time to settle a disagreement and just be there for one another.

So this post wasn’t about food today, but it was some food for thought.

Happy Holidays everyone.