It’s no surprise to my friends and family when I say that I’m obsessed with lululemon athletica. Almost all of my workout pants and clothes are from this company because I know the material, fit and design can stand up to whatever I’m doing. Whether I’m going for a run, hiking, kayaking, circuit training or just hanging around, you bet your bottom dollar I’m wearing my lululemons.

I bought my first pair of pants back in 2007 when I was a junior in high school, and guess what – it still has its shape and fits me just like it did seven years ago. I think this is partly because I wash and take care of them properly, but also because it is made with a great material.

I have a few different styles (tight, straight and flare), but my favorite fit is the crop. This style is perfect for circuit training and running.



Another reason why I love lululemon is because it can withstand my sweat. Yes, I said it, my sweat. A lot of other brands’ materials are too thin and lets be honest ladies, doesn’t do what we need them to do. Then again, it says it right on the company’s website, “yoga clothes & running gear for sweaty workouts.”

The last reason why I am a lululemon lover is because of the company’s mission and manifesto. I remember when the first lululemon store opened up in the Burlington, MA mall, each customer was given a poster with the manifesto on it. I to this day (yes seven years later) still have that poster and it’s hanging up at work. If you have no idea what i’m talking about – please see below 🙂




Enjoy and be healthy.